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FAQ no. 20050112
Question How do I connect the AC97 audio device to motherboard?
Release date 2020-05-01
Product All model
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If you would like to use AC'97 front audio panel, please follow the steps below to connect the front panel to HD audio header.

1. Connect Mic_IN (MIC) to MIC2_L.

2. Connect Audio_R (RIN) to OUT2_R and Audio_L (LIN) to OUT2_L.

3. Connect Ground (GND) to Ground (GND).

4. MIC_RET and OUT_RET are for HD audio panel only. You don't need to connect them for AC'97 audio panel.

5. Enter BIOS Setup to adjust Front Panel Control option to [AC97]

(Path: BIOS > Chipset Configuration > Front Panel Control option)

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