Industrial & Embedded Motherboard

Industrial boards range from ATX to COMe for versatile smart applications.

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Industrial Computer System

Fanless and fanned embedded system with flexible IOs for industrial applications.

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Robust Edge AIoT Platform

The Robust Edge AIoT Platform features high computing power and ruggedness for edge computing.

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Industrial IoT Controller

The Industrial IoT Controller features high computing power with a compact and rugged design for mission-critical applications.

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Applications Commerce

  • Interactive KIOSK
  • Smart Digital Signage

AIoT at the edge enables smart retail to optimize customer in-store experience, up-to-date inventory management, and perform intelligent tasks in commerce, or unmanned stores. By utilizing vision and facial recognition technology, smart retail can tailor customer service to individual shoppers and pop-up right promotion. ASRock Industrial’s high performance, multi-display support, rich I/Os embedded boards and systems are ideal solutions for industries ranging from commerce from retail, banking, hospitality, to education.

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Applications Automation

  • Factory Automation
  • Autonomous Vehicle

Automation enables smart factories and autonomous vehicles to transform an intelligent world. Factory automation powered by the embedded boards and systems to increase productivity, product quality, and profit, as well as the autonomous vehicle to better driving safety, lane capacity, and reduce cost. ASRock Industrial’s high performance, flexible I/Os, longevity embedded boards and systems are ideal solutions for factory automation and autonomous vehicle.

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Applications Robot

  • Family-Type Robot
  • Service Robot

Robots are changing the world by helping humans do things better with greater efficiency. They provide consistent outputs and perform unmanned services with less cost. Robots powered by embedded boards can detect the environment, carry out necessary computing to make decisions and perform actions such as accompany kids, offer elderly care, empowering humans to thrive and innovate.

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Applications Entertainment

  • Slot Machine
  • Lottery Machine

The gaming industry is growing significantly for on-coming year. The gaming manufactures are introducing content-rich, multi-media gaming experience, adding 3D and high-resolution graphics, LED lighting, and more to attract and engage diversified players. ASRock Industrial offers high CPU/GPU performance, multi-displays, and feature-rich I/Os embedded solutions for gaming applications, slot machines, tournament gaming, lottery machines, and more.

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Applications Security

  • Video Surveillance
  • Network Security

Smart city enabled by intelligent management and video surveillance, applications range from building, outdoor, theft, traffic and weather monitoring, and more to recognize, analyze behaviors and activities. ASRock Industrial’s embedded solutions and network appliances are ideal solutions for video surveillance and network security to provide intelligent management and protect information from attacks.

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News & Events

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