Tailored for Edge AI computing, ASRock Industrial’s Ruggedized Edge AIoT Platform provides high computing power, wide connectivity options for real-time responsiveness, rich I/Os and flexible expansions for easy integration, and ruggedized design for ultimate durability. The Edge AIoT Platform can play an essential role as AI Edge Computer, exhibiting solid computing power for AI training, inference, and data processing at the edge. With efficient workload consolidation upgrades, the Series is ideal for diverse vertical markets in factory automation, autonomous vehicles, and more.

Expendable Edge AIoT Platform

Designed to perform and built to last, the Expandable Edge AIoT Platform features super computing power encompassing flexible expansions with wide connectivity options, and a rugged design for edge AI computing. The Series is the essential core for workload consolidation and accelerates system integration development across industries.

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Compact Edge AIoT Platform

The Compact Edge AIoT Platform features high computing power while being compact in design. For essential enhancement in efficiency and reliability, it provides rich IOs, wide connectivity options, and reliable ruggedness, allowing for the enhancement of responsiveness and durability of edge AI computing applications.

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