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Question We recently receive the notification from ASRockind that the Audio Codec will be changed to ALC888S or ALC897. Should we update any BIOS or Driver for Audio Codec ALC888S and ALC897?
Release date 2021-03-31
Product All model
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In order to support ALC888S and ALC897 Audio codec, ASRock industrial has uploaded the BIOS and Realtek Audio driver on ASRI website for each model. The detailed BIOS and Driver versions for Audio codec updated are shown as follows.

Please check if your BIOS and Driver version are the same as listed below or later.

* The BIOS and Driver in the following table for each model are compatible with older Audio Codec.

a. ALC888S Audio codec

Model BIOS Version Audio Driver Version
IMB-186P P2.60 9088_FF00
IMB-186M P2.60 9088_FF00
IMB-186M-NH P2.60 9088_FF00
IMB-186V P2.20 9088_FF00
IMB-1216P P1.20 9088_FF00
IMB-1216M P1.20 9088_FF00
IMB-1216V P1.20 9088_FF00
IMB-198M-D P1.70 9088_FF00
IMB-198M-V P1.70 9088_FF00
IMB-198P-D P1.70 9088_FF00
IMB-199V-V P1.40 9088_FF00
IMB-V1000P P1.10 9088_FF00
IMB-V1000M P1.10 9088_FF00
IMB-V1000V P1.10 9088_FF00
SBC-330P P1.50 9088_FF00
SBC-330M P1.50 9088_FF00
SBC-331V P1.50 9088_FF00
IMB-181-L P2.60 9088_FF00
IMB-181-D P2.60 9088_FF00
IMB-185 P2.00 9088_FF00


b. ALC897 Audio codec

Model BIOS Version Audio Driver Version
IMB-1313 P1.10 9065_FF00
IMB-X1313 P1.10 9065_FF00
IMB-1711 P1.10 9057_FF00
IMB-X1711 P1.10 9057_FF00
SBC-350P P1.40 9057_FF00
SBC-350M P1.40 9057_FF00
SBC-350V P1.40 9057_FF00
SBC-350E P1.40 9057_FF00
IMB-1222 P1.40 9057_FF00
IMB-1222-WV P1.40 9057_FF00
IMB-X1222-WV P1.40 9057_FF00
IMB-1223 P1.10 9057_FF00
IMB-1223-WV P1.10 9057_FF00
IMB-1220-D P1.50 9057_FF00
IMB-1220-L P1.50 9057_FF00
IMB-X1220-L P1.50 9057_FF00
IMB-1221-L P1.30 9057_FF00
IMB-1221-D P1.30 9057_FF00
IMB-190 P1.90 9116_FF00
IMB-191 P1.80 9116_FF00
IMB-193 P2.10 9151_FF00
IMB-194-L P2.10 9116_FF00
IMB-194-D P2.10 9116_FF00
IMB-195 P2.10 9116_FF00
IMB-150 P2.20 9126_FF00
IMB-152 P2.10 9126_FF00
SBC-210 P2.40 9126_FF00
SBC-211 P1.70 9126_FF00
IMB-790 P2.30 9126_FF00
IMB-791 P2.10 9126_FF00
IMB-X790 P1.40 9126_FF00
IMB-151 P2.00 9126_FF00
IMB-390-L P2.50 9151_FF00
IMB-390-D P2.20 9151_FF00
IMB-391 P2.30 9151_FF00
IMB-1211-D P1.50 9116_FF00
IMB-1211-L P1.50 9116_FF00
IMB-1210-D P1.80 9116_FF00
IMB-1210-L P1.80 9116_FF00
IMB-1214 P1.50 9116_FF00
IMB-1215 P1.50 9116_FF00
IMB-1212 P2.20 9132_FF00
IMB-1213 P1.80 9132_FF00
IMB-1312 P2.00 9116_FF00
IMB-1710 P1.40 9183_FF00
IMB-150D P2.30 9126_FF00
IMB-150N P2.30 9126_FF00
IMB-156D P1.70 9151_FF00
IMB-156J P1.70 9151_FF00
IMB-156L P1.70 9151_FF00
IMB-154B P2.10 9126_FF00
IMB-155B P2.40 9151_FF00

* Because the models which change Audio codec are numerous, we’ll release the BIOS and Driver for the remaining models to website after finishing the qualified test internally.

Audio Driver download link
Version: 9088_FF00 –
Version: 9065_FF00 –
Version: 9057_FF00 –
Version: 9116_FF00 –
Version: 9126_FF00 –
Version: 9151_FF00 –
Version: 9132_FF00 –
Version: 9183_FF00 –


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