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FAQ no. 20050110
Question When I turn on the motherboard, I only see the FAN spin, but no display output from monitor. How do I fix it?
Release date 2020-05-01
Product All model
FAQ Type

Please follow the steps below to check firstly.

1. Refer to the FAQ no. 20050123 or User Manual to clear CMOS.

2. Please remove unnecessary devices and only install CPU, one memory, monitor, and PSU to check.

3. Please remove CPU and check if there’s any pin bent on CPU socket.

    (If your system is SoC, please ignore this step.)

4. Re-install your memory correctly.

5. Only install 1 pcs memory on each DIMM slot to verify.

6. Please change another M/B, CPU, memory, PSU respectively.

If you tried the steps above and the symptom still happens, please contact with your local distributor for further assistance.

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