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FAQ no. 20050104
Question Why I cannot install the VGA driver on SkyLake platform with Intel 7th Gen KabyLake CPU under Windows7?
Release date 2020-04-30
Product Skylake platform
IMB-190, IMB-190-E, IMB-191, IMB-192, IMB-193, IMB-194-L, IMB-194-D, IMB-195, IMB-195-D, IMB-390-L, IMB-390-D, IMB-391, IMB-790, IMB-791, IMB-792
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Intel stops its support for Windows7 since 7th Gen KabyLake CPU.

7th Gen KabyLake CPU only supports Window10 officially by Intel.

Please install Windows10 on your system or choose 6th Gen SkyLake CPU for Windows7.

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