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Question I install 4GB memory on Intel Skylake platform, but the usable memory size is only 2GB under Windows 7 32-bit OS. How do I increase the usable memory size?
Release date 2020-04-16
Product Skylake platform
IMB-190, IMB-190-E, IMB-191, IMB-192, IMB-193, IMB-194-L, IMB-194-D, IMB-195, IMB-195-D, IMB-390-L, IMB-390-D, IMB-391, IMB-790, IMB-791, IMB-792
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Due to the limitation of Windows 7 32-bit operating systems, the maximum of usable memory size is less than 4GB natively.

To increase usable memory under Windows 7 32-bit OS on Intel Skylake based systems, please adjust [Top Of Lower Usable Dram] to [3.5GB] and then check the usable memory size again.

BIOS Path: BIOS/ Advanced/ Chipset configuration/ Top Of Lower Usable Dram

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