2020-10-12 ASRock Industrial Launches its Diminutive Champion, Leading as the First Intel® 11th Gen CPU Powered NUC 1100 BOX Series

Taipei, Taiwan (Oct., 12, 2020) ASRock Industrial Computer debuts the first NUC 1100 BOX Series Mini PCs NUC BOX-1165G7, NUC BOX-1135G7, NUC BOX-1115G4, powered by the 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 Processors (Tiger Lake-UP3) to deliver optimal performance for multiple, real-time computing workloads. Featuring the new Intel® 11th Gen CPU and Iris® Xe graphics, the NUC 1100 BOX Series can uphold Quad-display outputs in picture-perfect 4K resolution. Plus Intel® Wi-Fi 6, 2.5GbE Ethernet connectivity, dual storage with M.2 Key M 2280/2260/2242 and SATA III port for SSD/HDD. The all-inclusive series makes it ideal for entertainment, gaming, office collaboration, content creation, retail, and business applications.

Optimal performance with Intel® 11th Gen CPU for real-time computing workloads

The NUC 1100 BOX Series offers models including NUC BOX-1165G7, NUC BOX-1135G7, and NUC BOX-1115G4, featuring 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 Processors to deliver phenomenal and reliable performance while handling real-time computing workloads. This feature helps you achieve flawless execution whether you are working, gaming, or relaxing. With its compact design, it can be easily held in one hand at 110.0 x 117.5 x 47.85mm (W x D x H). Presenting one M.2 Key M, 2280/2260/2242 plus 2.5-inch SATA III HDD/SSD tray support for dual storage capacity and two slots for DDR4 3200 MHz memory up to 64GB, the NUC 1100 BOX Series ensures high performance and is easy to carry out essential upgrades to supercharge your productivity.

Best-in-class connectivity and Quad-display for multi-dimensional experiences

The NUC 1100 BOX Series has one Intel® 2.5 Gigabit LAN, one Intel® 1 Gigabit LAN, plus one M.2 (Key E) for Intel® Wi-Fi 6 to speed up data transmission and lower latency. Featuring the latest Intel® Iris® Xe graphics (i7/i5), it provides Quad-display outputs in 4K resolution, supporting one HDMI 2.0a, and three DP 1.4 with two from Type C ports for enhanced visual experiences. There are five USB 3.2 Gen 2 with three USB 3.2 Gen Gen2 (Type A) and two USB 3.2 Gen Gen2 (Type C) for best-in-class connectivity.

“We are very excited to release the world’s first Intel® 11th Gen CPU Powered NUC 1100 BOX Series,” said James Lee, President of ASRock Industrial. “To have state-of-the-art technology included within an even smaller design, we hope users can enjoy more immersive home theater and gaming experiences, higher quality collaboration, and productivity, or induce commercial profits in business applications.” The all-inclusive NUC 1100 Box Series gives out a whole new versatile experience in areas of gaming, home entertainment, office productivity, and commerce applications for better customer service and escalate business opportunities to a new level.

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