2022-03-09 ASRock Industrial iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller Launch Webinar


With edge computing becoming the future trend for IoT and big data processing, ASRock Industrial is releasing the Next-Gen Edge Computing Solution iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller. Join the webinar to discover its top features of high computing power, compact and rugged design with flexible IOs, expansions, and real-time TSN, TCC for Edge Controller, and IoT Gateway in Edge AI applications. Learn more now!


  • Opening  

      Silvia Wu, Sales Manager at ASRock Ind.

  • Next-Gen Edge Computing Solution- the iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller  

      Sam Chiu, Product Manager at ASRock Ind.

  • Open Standards Opens the Floodgates for IT- the World’s First Open-Process-Automation-Based Control System  

      Brandon Williams, Cofounder at CPLANE.ai