Industrial & Embedded Motherboards include Industrial Motherboards, Single Board Computer, Computer on Module product lines and range from ATX, 3.5”SBC to COMe for versatile smart applications.


ASRock Industrial’s industrial motherboards, ranging from popular Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX to full-size ATX with high computing capability, integration, reliability, and rich I/O connectivity, expansibility, are ideal for industrial applications, such as KIOSK, POS, Digital Signage, Automation, Medical, and Gaming.



ASRock Industrial’s Single Board Computer (SBC) series include 3.5” SBC, NUC, 4X4, UTX and Pico-ITX form factors and are featured with rich I/O, expansion capabilities, high flexibility, and software integration for industrial applications.



ASRock Industrial’s Computer on Module (COM) lineup includes COM Express, QSeven and provides rich I/O capabilities to easily design into a component module and maximize the potential of the carrier board.