Work from home, learn from home, and play from home have been the new normal in the pandemic era. ASRock Industrial’s NUC BOX 1100 Series powered by Intel® 11th Gen CPU and 4X4 BOX 4000 Series designed with AMD Ryzen™ 4000U Series shall accompany you through the needed transformation for better work productivity, learning experience, and creative leisure. The Mini PCs are small in size but have powerful multitasking capabilities and reduced delay. Key features including support of dual LAN up to 2.5GbE, Intel® Wi-Fi 6 wireless, dual storages, and 4-displays output up to 4K. They are a great boost for work from home productivity and online meeting efficiency. Even when learning from home, it is easy-to-use and ensures the experience will never lag! Moreover, high performance not only gives gamers out their one-of-a-kind victory streak, it is also ideal for a warm home theatre for the entire family.


Fanless Embedded BOX PC

iBOX-1100 Series Powers Up Fever and Mask Detection System

The iBOX-1100 Series can rapidly implement body temperature scanner and mask detection system for effective COVID-19 prevention. There are rich I/Os to simultaneously connect to multiple cameras and temperature sensors for quick identification and analysis of potential positives through powerful Intel® 11th Gen CPU and Intel® Iris Xe Graphics, showing real-time status upon individual entrance with 4-displays outputs.

Factory Automation for Reduced Contact with iBOX-V2000 Series

The iBOX-V2000 Series powered by AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V2000 Series APU provides fanless and industrial-centric I/Os upgrades to the automation of the mask production line, significantly reducing physical manpower, contact and increase overall production efficiency.


Industrial & Embedded Motherboard

Service Robot for Pandemic Prevention with NUC 1100 MB Series

Service robots ensure minimized contact in risk areas such as hospitals, restaurants and hotels. Featuring a compact size powered by Intel® 11th Gen CPU, the NUC 1100 Series Motherboard can be installed on service robots for multitasking capabilities. Plus rich I/Os and M.2 Key E for easy sensors and WiFi connection, ensuring the accuracy of meal orders, medicine prescriptions, and information received and delivered.

Drive Thru Ramped Up for Pandemic Times

Fast food restaurants have been increasing investments in the touch-free voice ordering Drive Thru. Powered by ASRock Industrial SBC-350 motherboard, not only does it help avoid crowds, it also upgrades service speed for higher efficiency, increasing the total number of customers received. A new normal is set out for the food-ordering experience, be ready for more transformations ahead.