Robots are changing the world by helping humans to do things better with great efficiency, consistent outputs and perform unmanned services with less cost. Robots powered by embedded boards to sense the environment, carry out computing to make a decision and perform actions and accompany kits, elder cares, enabling humans to do valuable things.

More Efficiency
More Efficiency
Consistent Outputs
Consistent Outputs
Better Service
Better Service


Family-Type Robot

Designed for entertainment and companions, the family-type robot powered by embedded boards provides personal services like your kids, pets or friends.

Service Robot

Service robots powered by embedded boards assist humans to perform jobs and services in frontline customer service, medical companions, and domestic cleaning.

Case Study

Customized ODM Boards Services to Power the Family-Type Robot like Human Being

A star-up company Groove X creates family-type Robot LOVOT powered by ASRock Industrial ODM boards to provide comfort and companionship to humans. It enhances your feelings of love and happiness. It is an all-new relationship between Robots and humans.

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