About ASRock Industrial Computer

ASRock Industrial Computer was established as an independent company in July 2018, focusing on the fields of motherboards, edge computers and cameras, and other products for the manufacturing, business and retail industries. It is the world’s leader in Industrial PC motherboards, with customers located around the globe. Previously, it had been a business unit of ASRock Inc. (est. 2002) that was set up in 2011.

By becoming an independent company ASRock Industrial can devote all its resources to B2B activities. Our products serve the Commerce, Automation, Robot, Entertainment and Security industries. With a core R&D design team of almost 65% of total staff, ASRock Industrial has the resources to develop reliable, leading-edge products for your business needs. All products can be bought off-the shelf or customized to the demands of OEMs/ODMs.

As we face the huge challenge of AIoT products we will work with Systems Integrators and Independent S/W Vendors to provide high-performance and flexible total solutions. ASRock Industrial aims to be the world leader in AIoT products.

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