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FAQ no. 20072701
Question If I would like to install M.2 Key M 2242 or 2260 storage, how do I choose the suitable standoff to use?
Release date 2020-07-27
Product NUC Whiskey lake plaform & 4x4 AMD Ryzen Embedded plaform
NUC-8145UE, NUC-8265U, NUC-8365UE, NUC-8665UE, 4x4-V1000M, 4x4-R1000V, 4x4-R1000M
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Please see the table and steps below to select the corresponding standoff to install M.2 Key M 2242 or 2260 storage.


Part number



5.5 mm standoff


for M.2 Key M 2260 storage

Installed on the M/B already

6.5 mm standoff


for M.2 Key M 2242 storage

In the accessories


<How to use M.2 Key M 2260 storage>

Please directly install it into the slot and use the screw to lock.

<How to use M.2 Key M 2242 storage>

1.  Unlock the following standoff from the M/B

2. Fasten the 6.5 mm standoff into the M.2 Key M 2242 screw hole as following location.

3. Install M.2 2242 storage into the slot, and lock it.

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