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FAQ no. 20050108
Question I already chose ASRockind motherboard with Intel Q-series chipset to configure SATA Hard Drive for RAID. How do I do?
Release date 2020-05-01
Product Intel Q-series chipset platform
IMB-171-L, IMB-171-D, IMB-184, IMB-181-L, IMB-181-D, IMB-190-E, IMB-190, IMB-194-L, IMB-194-D, IMB-1215, IMB-1213, IMB-1211-L, IMB-1211-D, MXM IPC-Q170-Q, MXM IPC-Q170, IMB-370-D, IMB-370-L, IMB-380-L, IMB-380-D, IMB-390-L, IMB-390-D, IMB-1312, IMB-1311-L, IMB-1311-D, IMB-770, IMB-780, IMB-781, IMB-790, IMB-1710
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Please follow the steps below to setup RAID.

1. Prepare at least 2 HDD and install on the motherboard.

2. Boot up the system and press F2 or Delete to enter BIOS setup.

3. Set the SATA Mode Selection at [RAID] and press F10 to save and reboot the system.

(Path: BIOS > Advanced > Storage Configuration > SATA Mode Selection)

4. Press <Ctrl + I> to enter into RAID option ROM setup.

5. Choose [Create RAID Volume] and setup the following items :

  • Name : key-in a unique name with 1-16 letters for your RAID volume
  • RAID Level : select your desired RAID Level
  • Strip size : If you configure SATA HDD for RAID0 (Stripe), select the RAID0 array.

      After you finish typing the above items, press “Create Volume”.

The utility will prompt a confirmation message as below, press Y to setup RAID.

6. After the completion, you will see the detailed information about the RAID that you setup.


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