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FAQ no. 20050101
Question How to do the BIOS update by the silent mode under Windows?
Release date 2020-05-01
Product All model
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Please follow the steps below to do the BIOS update via silent mode under Windows:

1. Download the BIOS file of Windows version from ASRockind website.

2. Extract the download file and save the BIOSfilename.EXE on the root directory of Local disk (C:) on host system.

3. Execute Command Prompt and run as administrator.

4. Key in the command BIOSfile.exe /c /s” then press enter, system will start the BIOS updating process automatically.

For example: IMB194L190.exe /c /s.

5. After BIOS update process finished, system will boot into OS automatically.

Please reboot the system and press Delete or F2 to check the UEFI version under BIOS main page.


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