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FAQ no. 20041610
Question Intel Coffee Lake Platform doesn’t work normally in sleep mode or hibernate mode on Windows 10 64-bit RS5, How do I fix it?
Release date 2020-04-16
Product Coffee Lake Platform
IMB-1210-L, IMB-1210-D, IMB-1211-L, IMB-1211-D, IMB-1212, IMB-1213, IMB-1214, IMB-1215, IMB-1310, IMB-1311-L, IMB-1311-D, IMB-1312, IMB-1710
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lntel has released the new VGA driver (ver: for Windows 10 64-bit RS5, and ASRock Industrial upload it to our official website.

Please download the VGA driver and then install it to verify the function.


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