AI BOX Enables Smart Traffic Management to Avoid Traffic Jams and Ensure Safe Driving

ASRock Industrial is collaborating with Intel ® to build AI BOX for smart traffic management to prevent accidents and control delays for a safer and smarter city. The system is powered by the iBOX-1185G7E running on Intel ® 11th Gen Core™ i7 Processors (Tiger Lake-UP3) with Intel ® Iris ® Xe Graphics plus new OpenVINO™ AI Deep Learning to boost high performance and real-time AI computing at 4.15 TFLOPS and 8.29 TOPS (Tiger Lake Core™ i7). With rich IOs, it can collect data from multiple CCTV monitors through USB 3.2 Gen2 and IP camera through Intel ® Gigabit LAN while connecting edge to cloud through Intel ® 2.5 Gigabit LAN for real-time traffic management.

NUC 1100 BOX Seris Elevates Touch-Free Voice Ordering Drive Thru

The NUC 1100 BOX Series empowers touch-free voice ordering Drive Thru, running on Intel ® 11th Gen Core™ CPU with Intel ® Iris ® Xe Graphics and OpenVINO™ AI Deep Learning for high performance Drive Thru at 4.15 TFLOPS and 8.29 TOPS. Plus rich IOs to connect KIOSK for voice ordering, video wall showing promotion, and more. The touch-free voice ordering Drive-Thru efficiency helps avoid crowds, upgrades service speed, and increases the total number of customers.

AI Capability



Tiger Lake i7: 96 EU



Tiger Lake i5: 80 EU



Tiger Lake i3/ Celeron: 48 EU




Featured Products

iEPF-9000S/ iEP-9000E Series Ruggedized Edge AIoT Platform Empowers Smart Factories & Automotive
The new iEPF-9000S Series/ iEP-9000E Series Ruggedized Edge AIoT Platform powered by Intel® 10th Gen Xeon® W and Core™ i7/i5/i3 Processors (Comet Lake) with W480E, Q470E, and H420E chipsets for supreme performance, flexible integration, and reliable durability at the Edge. Featuring workload consolidation, the new Series provides super computing power, rich I/Os, expansions under the compact size, and ruggedness to ultimately replace traditional machines for PLC, HMI, Motion Control, Machine Vision, and more. This makes it well suited for Edge AI applications, such as smart factories, machine automation, AI vision in automated optical inspection, autonomous vehicles, and much more.

Expendable Edge AIoT Platform Compact Edge AIoT Platform
  • iEPF-9000S-EX4
  • iEPF-9001S-EX4
  • iEPF-9002S-EX4

  • iEP-9000E
  • iEP-9001E
  • iEP-9002E


NUC 6000 BOX Series, iBOX 6000 Series, and NUC 6000 Motherboard Series with Intel® Elkhart Lake
The new Mini PCs and motherboards powered by Intel® Atom® x6000E Series, Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® N and J Series Processors (Elkhart Lake) include selections- NUC 6000 BOX Series, iBOX 6000 Series, and NUC 6000 Motherboard Series. Featuring advanced CPU and graphics performance with integrated IoT features and longevity support, the new Series provides rich industrial-centric I/Os, including dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, dual displays up to 4K at 60Hz, and dual storages with SATA 3.0 and M.2 Key M to accelerate system integration development for next generation IoT applications in areas including home, business, retail, banking, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare industries, and more.

iBOX 6000 BOX Series NUC 6000 BOX Series NUC 6000 Motherboard Series
  • iBOX-J6412

  • NUC BOX-J6412

  • NUC-J6412
  • NUC-J6426
  • NUC-N6210
  • NUC-N6415